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Finding Financial Security After A Divorce

Spousal support or alimony, now known as spousal maintenance in New York, aims to leave both parties financially secure following their divorce. Unfortunately, the steps it takes to determine what is fair and what is not aren’t always black and white. That is why you need an aggressive family law attorney by your side during your divorce. The Postlethwaite Law Firm PLLC has helped countless clients who are struggling to understand their rights and legal options. Preston J. Postlethwaite is known for being direct and compassionate.

Aggressive Yet Compassionate Representation

Understandably, navigating a high asset separation and divorce can be emotional and overwhelmingly complicated. Preston and his team can cut through the distractions and find clear-cut solutions. He truly values the attorney-client relationship and wants to make sure you feel comfortable moving forward. Furthermore, he brings logic and reasoning to every issue. These are especially important when it comes to spousal support. People are very protective over their money, which makes splitting their finances difficult. That is where Preston can step in and help.

Determining spousal maintenance can get especially contentious. The court considers several factors when determining the amount spousal maintenance the lesser-earning spouse will receive. After looking at tax returns, pay stubs and the financial earning capacity of each party, both sides are able to speak. The judge will then decide what will be a fair amount. Preston sees many cases where one spouse earns a significant amount more than the other spouse. In these situations, the court will likely set the amount that is owed for a specific period of time. It’s also possible the judge may rule the payments as ongoing, indefinitely.

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When you need a strong advocate in your corner, look no further. Remember that you do not need to feel as if you are going through this process alone. Preston and his team are eager to help. You are not just another number here. You are someone he cares about. To schedule a consultation, call his office in New York City at 646-453-6793 today. You can also fill out his online contact form.