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Protecting Your Fair Share Of Property During Divorce

When a married couple separates and divorces, it becomes necessary to split their marital assets. This can be emotionally draining and tremendously time-consuming. Having an attorney who understands the law and can clearly explain your options is critical to your future financial stability. The Postlethwaite Law Firm PLLC has worked with clients throughout New York. Attorney Preston J. Postlethwaite will listen to your concerns and take deliberate steps to aggressively protect your future and your best interests.

Assisting Clients Through A Difficult Transition

When you work with The Postlethwaite Law Firm PLLC, you can expect to have an assertive advocate who anticipates situations where the other party veils assets, minimizes valuables or “forgets” to list all securities or investments. Preston is here to act as your advocate. He will not fight just to fight. Instead, he brings reason, practicality and business acumen to complex divorces. These are especially important when it comes to dividing your marital property. New York is an equitable distribution state. This means a judge will decide how they deem fair, which is not always a 50/50 split of assets and debts. Many factors are taken into consideration such as the length of your marriage, the earning capacity of each spouse and the health and age of each party, among other factors.

It is important to know that it isn’t always necessary to go to court to create an acceptable property division settlement. In certain situations, spouses may be able to create a fair agreement on their own. In doing so, it is often more cost-effective and efficient than dragging the process into the courtroom. Preston is here to help you find that common ground when possible. However, he understands that when you earn significantly less than your spouse, the future is a frightful prospect on your own. Don’t panic. Preston is an avid advocate for his clients and will fight to help you establish a firm foundation for your future. You do not have to walk the battle line alone.

Schedule A Consultation By Calling Today

As soon as you have questions about divorce and marital property division, it is important that you seek out a lawyer you can trust. To schedule an initial consultation and learn more about how Preston can help, call his office in New York City at 646-453-6793 today. You can also fill out his online contact form.