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Handling Mother’s Day and Father’s Day as co-parents

On Behalf of | Mar 25, 2022 | Child Custody |

When you and your co-parent were working out your custody agreement, you may not have included Mother’s Day and Father’s Day in your list of holidays. Maybe you haven’t yet gotten to the point in the divorce process when you’ve considered these things yet.

Either way, now that Mother’s Day is just a couple of months away and Father’s Day is close behind, it’s worth considering. These holidays are sometimes more important to kids than they are to parents. It’s a chance for them to do something special – even if it’s making a hand-made card or gift in school.

Show your support for your co-parent

As parents who are no longer together, it’s crucial for you to support your kids in celebrating your co-parent’s holiday. That could be as simple as taking them to a local store and giving them money for a gift. 

If you haven’t already arranged for the kids to be with the appropriate parent on “their” day, you should do that – even if it means switching the schedule. That’s unless your co-parent’s wish is to enjoy their Mother’s Day or Father’s Day weekend alone or away with friends.

The important thing is not to make your children feel guilty about wanting to do something special for their mom or dad. Show them that you agree that they should make them feel appreciated for all they do. 

If you’re not sure they’ve even considered the upcoming holiday, ask what they have in mind, and find out if there’s anything you can do to (within reason) to help. You don’t have to help them plan a big celebration – even if you did in the past.

What if you can’t be with your kids on your holiday

If things don’t go as planned this year, and your kids end up being with their other parent on “your” holiday, that doesn’t mean you have to take theirs. Part of successful co-parenting is sometimes being the bigger person and hoping your ex will eventually reciprocate.

Co-parenting also sometimes means not sharing special days with your kids. That doesn’t mean that you can’t celebrate the occasion earlier or later.

If you want to ensure that you have your kids on Mother’s Day or Father’s Day, talk to your ex about adding those days to your custody agreement. Remember that you’re doing that at least as much for your kids as for yourselves.