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A Legal Dispute Doesn’t Always Result In A Traditional Courtroom Battle

Arbitration is a useful tool where disputing parties present their case in front of an impartial third-party panel of arbitration judges. The person(s) on the panel then renders a decision that is legally binding. The Postlethwaite Law Firm PLLC has represented clients in conjunction with the American Arbitration Association (AAA) and the Judicial Arbitration and Mediation Services (JAMS). Attorney Preston J. Postlethwaite has assisted clients whose situations are right for arbitration or whose contracts mandate arbitration as the venue for conflict resolution throughout New York City.

When Is Arbitration Most Beneficial?

The team of attorneys at The Postlethwaite Law Firm PLLC has built a reputation for being direct and honest. This is especially important when looking for a lawyer you can trust. They do not argue just for the sake of it. Everything is intentional with the end goal in mind. Arbitration can be used in a variety of situations, including those involving employer- or employee-related problems. Many companies have arbitration clauses built into their employment contracts in order to prevent an employee from suing them. The Postlethwaite Law Firm PLLC sees everything from wage and hour claims to harassment and bad working conditions.

Arbitration is also used to address consumer-rated claims. From breach of contract and premises liability cases to construction defects and environmental matters, having proper representation in a matter before the arbitration tribunal is the best way to move forward. The team at The Postlethwaite Law Firm PLLC is organized and detail-oriented. Preston will help you understand the process and assist you with setting expectations.

If You Have Questions, Call Today To Schedule A Consultation

While the consequence of arbitration is a legally binding decision, not every matter arising under arbitration is conscionable. Unconscionable clauses in a contract mandating arbitration for dispute resolution can be taken to court. Protect your rights to a favorable decision. Learn more about arbitration and if it is a good fit for your situation. Call Preston and his team in their New York City office at 646-453-6793 to schedule a consultation today. You can also email them.