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Navigating The Appeals Process Together

The Postlethwaite Law Firm PLLC has appealed cases in the first and second department of appeals in New York. This team of attorneys knows how the legal system works and aims to help clients who think they were unfairly treated. Appellate cases can be especially difficult, which is why it is important to have an experienced lawyer by your side. When you work with Preston J. Postlethwaite and his team, you can expect direct, honest representation. You will never be left in the dark or unsure where things stand.

Appealing After The Case Is Over

After a decision is rendered, either side can file an appeal. After filing an appeal, an oral argument before a judge may be necessary. It gives each party a specific amount of time to state their case and answer questions from the panel of judges. Whether you are defending the decision that was initially made by the court or you are asking them to reconsider, The Postlethwaite Law Firm PLLC can help. Preston will analyze your case and explain the likelihood of success should you move forward with an appeal.

Appeals During A Case

When a case is still at the trial court level, it is possible to take your issues to the appellate court. Preston and his team, for example, have taken matrimonial law matters to this level. He has determinations from support magistrates and judges on items of child support and custody issues. These tend to be the most frequently appealed cases. But it doesn’t stop there. Preston can also help with business and commercial matters. When there’s a finding by a judge that doesn’t fit your best interests, he takes matters into his own hands. He does what he needs in order to amplify his clients’ voices and make sure they are heard.

Interested In Learning More? Call Today.

Preston and his team will always go the extra mile for those who need it most. To learn more about how the appeals process works, call his office in New York City at 646-453-6793 today. You can also fill out his online contact form so that he can be in touch with you as soon as possible.