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Attorney Preston J. Postlethwaite has appeared on behalf of individuals, families and corporate clients in trial and appellate courts across the United States. He also has extensive experience in arbitration.

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Business and commercial Litigation

Business And Commercial Litigation

Enforcement of Contracts

Enforcement Of Contracts

Fiduciary Duties

Fiduciary Duties

High Asset Divorce

High Asset Divorce

Property Division

Property Division

Spousal Support

Spousal Support

Matters Involving Children

Matters Involving Children





Working Closely With Each Client To Develop Effective Legal Strategies

There is no shortage of conflicts where the parties involved are headed to, or already locked into, protracted litigation in the court system.  The Postlethwaite Law Firm PLLC provides the highest quality legal advocacy for the full realm of business and commercial law concerns and divorce issues. Preston and his team pinpoint specific items in a given controversy. They focus on what should be worried about and then intelligently battle along a strategic concentrated approach.

The Postlethwaite Law Firm PLLC leverages the latest in ediscovery and case management technology and their exclusive partnerships with platforms that source experienced attorneys and other legal professionals to organize efficient, cost-effective teams for matters of all sizes.

All-Encompassing Advocacy And Deep Client Relationships

Advocacy isn’t just putting together papers or clients and advocating in front of a judge. Preston and his team look to develop long-term relationships and depth of trust with each of their clients. In a divorce case, for example, it may mean dealing with the children’s lawyers, social workers and therapists. Preston brings reason and practicality to divorce matters. In business and commercial litigation, he is experienced at steering the process for as long as it takes to achieve a favorable outcome. While he is happy to be fair to the otherside, he is a relentless attorney who knows how to win and how to get the best results, no matter the odds or the opposition.

Making An Impact With Creative, Sophisticated Legal Arguments

The Postlethwaite Law Firm PLLC counsels private companies, individuals, nonprofit entities and professional organizations on the management and resolution of internal and external business disputes. Preston works closely with clients to create a robust legal strategy that leverages fearless, trial-ready advocacy to fortify their current position, isolate and reduce exposure and execute their long-term goals. Whether you are bringing affirmative claims or defending against claims brought by an adversary, confront those high-stakes situations with the assistance of an experienced attorney. Preston J. Postlethwaite will help you build the narrative for your case on a foundation of solid evidence.

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 What Clients Are Saying

Deliver Results

“After initial success with a smaller matter, we’ve come back time and time again to Preston.  His firm continues to deliver results, even on matters other firms refused to take on.” – J. and M. B. (vendor/supplier litigation)

Zero Out Lying Plaintiff

“A contractor sued our company and used falsified documents.  We replaced prior counsel with Preston.  At trial, the plaintiff was awarded zero damages because Preston read everything.” – S. P. (inflated/duplicated invoices, breach of contract litigation)

Debt Wiped Out

“My LLC owed a medical device supplier hundreds of thousands but with the threat of litigation and a draft complaint, we settled for a fraction of what was owed.” – N. A. (commercial debt/fraud pre-suit negotiation)

Saved Our Board

“Our nonprofit suspected a board member was misusing funds. With the help of the firm, we were able to remove her without needing to file suit or make it public, saving everyone time, money, and embarrassment.” – P. C. (investigation, opinion letter, pre-suit negotiation)

Made Whole, Plus Interest

“Multinational freight shipper lost company hardware during cross-country HQ office relocation. Offered reimbursement was pennies on the dollar. Preston’s use of pre-action discovery and private investigator helped resolve a two-year dispute. Our company was made whole for the entire loss, plus interest, without the need for a suit.” – Y. Z.C. (investigation, pre-action discovery, pre-suit negotiation)

Business Sense

“We retained the firm for an opinion letter. We wanted to sue former employees and shareholders for misappropriation of corporate opportunity. We wanted to file suit and told Preston we want him as trial counsel. His opinion letter recommended not proceeding with litigation because the projected costs outweighed the likelihood of recovery even though we would have paid the fees. We appreciate his integrity and his sense of business risk. We now retain the firm as outside general counsel.” – D. B., D. W. (opinion letter, online bookmaking independent integrity software)